American Environmental Group, Ltd. (AEG) provides specialty environmental, construction, and maintenance services to solid and hazardous waste, environmental, energy, mining, and other industrial clients.  Founded in 2002, AEG is led by a strong, hands-on, management team that has made them the leader in landfill gas (LFG) system construction and the premier supplier and installer of geosynthetics.  In 2011, AEG extended its involvement in energy and power distribution markets, providing parts and services for generators operating on natural gas, landfill gas, digesters, biogas, and more.  AEG joined the Tetra Tech family of companies in December of 2012 (read more).

Recent Projects

Cambria Coal Refuse Disposal Area Cap System

Tetra Tech and AEG completed design, permitting support, geosynthetics installation, QA/QC testing, and certification at Cambria Coal Refuse Disposal Area.

Exposed Solar Landfill Cover

The Hickory Ridge Landfill Exposed Solar Cover project was a 45 acre closure system that included 10 acres of thin-film solar panels, and is the world’s largest solar energy landfill closure. 

Wellfield Operations and Maintenance

AEG has provided operations and maintenance (O&M) for a large landfill site in Pennsylvania since 2010. 

ZULE Flare Installed at Large Landfill Serving Las Vegas

When Republic Services, Inc. (RSI), the owner and operator of Apex Landfill, in Clark County, Nevada, needed to install an enclosed low-emission landfill gas (LFG) flare...